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Monday, 14 October 2013


Last week I went to stay with friends in Norfolk, we are all HG survivors and volunteers for Pregnancy Sickness Support. Emma with Adam, Cori with Isadora and Sam with Harper. When we arrived we were greeted by a stray cow which we decided to call Butler!

We had a wonderful time together, everyone was relaxed and it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. Emma, Cori and Sam are such lovely, kind, caring and supportive ladies, I am proud to call them my friends. Adam, Issi, Harper and Griffin all played together wonderfully, they had a great time too. 

There was a lot of stormy weather so we didn't venture out far. We did enjoy a walk around the gardens, up and down the track and chased the chickens. Well the kids chased the chickens, the grown ups were way too mature for that sort of behaviour of course! 

A massive thank you has to go to Cori for cooking the meals, which were all absolutely delicious! We especially loved Cori's chocolate and Guinness cake, I can't wait to try the recipe.

Griffin and I miss everyone so much now that we are home, we can't wait for the next get together.

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