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How We Became A Family

Once upon a time... 

Four years ago to be precise, I was starting a new job and was extremely nervous about my first day. This was the final stage of the transition into my new life, I was recently divorced, finally settled into my apartment, that only took a year, so the final stage for me was the new job. When I arrived I was introduced to everyone, including Hubster, and I remember thinking "hmm he's pretty fit". As we we're chatting it came out that he was a Bradford City fan, massive bonus!

We we're just friends for the next five months and even to this day I still can't explain how it happened, how that friendship turned into love, it happened so quickly! Once we started dating we we're practically inseparable, we could talk for hours on end, mainly about football of course. Well six weeks later, yes that's right six WEEKS, Hubster popped the question, on Scarborough beach. Of course I said yes and we spent the rest of the day walking along the beach and trying to win a plastic ring in the arcades! We stopped at Harry Ramsden's on the sea front for dinner which we ate on a bench looking out to sea, it was romantic but absolutely freezing! When we arrived home that evening we couldn't wait to share the news, of course both families we're very surprised, but also extremely happy for us.

We had planned a 2012 wedding, however we we're keen to start a family, so we decided to bring the date forward and we married in 2011 instead, April Fool's Day. Our wedding day was perfect, we we're so happy and it was wonderful to have family and friends there who we're so happy for us and made the day so special, especially the evening celebrations, they know who they are!

 After our honeymoon we moved house and conceived pretty much straight away, after a eight month ordeal with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and a slightly disastrous birth there we we're, a family of three. 

One year later and Hubster, who hated cats, finally agreed to having one, when we arrived to see the kitten Hubster lost his mind and decided to take two home. So now we're a family of five: Me, the Hubster, the Small Boy, Sooty and Sweep (aka Smelly Cat and Fat Cat). 

And we all lived happily ever after...

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